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The Y.A.R.D.S.

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The Y.A.R.D.S.
Contact: Niki Ellis
Phone: (859) 278-0899



The Yards is an education center focusing on the science and practices of the beef industry. Educational opportunities will provide a unique learning experience based on its location in the Blue Grass Regional Stockyards Marketplace. This environment will foster complex thinking, experiential learning, and life skill application. The space features a 70" touch screen smart monitor, along with an interactive eating cow, window overlooking the stock pens and 'Our Story' walls. It can hold up to 50 people "theater" style or 30 people in a traditional classroom setting.


  • Pre-K – College Students: Educational Programs will be available for all age groups.

  • Beef Producers: From BQA to meeting space, producers will have the chance to use this space.

  • Agriculture Industry Professionals

  • Industry Partners: This will be a great space to work and educate the industry as well.

  • General Public & Consumers: With a location right off I-75, conditions are perfect for beef education and Kentucky Agriculture

  • 2017-2018 The Y.A.R.D.S. Classroom delivered programming to 9,019 consumers, 2,132 producers, 4,641 students and 3,098 industry partners.


Funding for The Yards will come from multiple sources including the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Foundation, Kentucky Beef Council and platinum sponsor, Farm Credit Mid-America. The classroom space has been donated by Blue Grass Livestock Marketing Group.


The classroom space is located in Blue Grass Stockyards Regional Marketplace 4561 Iron Works Pike Lexington KY 40503

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