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JSW Farms The Chop Shop

JSW Farms The Chop Shop
Contact: Jonathan Witt
Phone: (606) 356-8808
MON - SAT: 11A - 4P


Farm Gate to the Table Plate.

JSW Farm is a third generation livestock farming operation. Over the years, the Whitt family has acquired a commercial feed mill and farm supply store, a livestock auction barn and established our newest venture: a state-of-the-art, USDA-inspected processing plant called “JSW FARMS THE CHOP SHOP”. What this means to the consumer is that we have the ability to feed and hand-select some of the highest quality livestock to be harvested.

We strive to produce animals with a high amount of marbling which improves flavor and tenderness in the finished product. This ensures that in our hands-on operation, our animals are humanely handled and processed under stringent USDA guidelines. Being a family owned and operated facility allows us to offer the customer a healthier, wholesome product. We keep a "neighbors helping neighbors" mentality which fulfills our "Farm Gate to the Table Plate" mantra.

JSW FARMS THE CHOP SHOP has a unique staple for the finest Beef, Pork, Lamb, and Goat meat products available. We offer Custom Processing, Whole and Half Animal Purchase, Private Labeling, In House Smokers, Pre-Cooked Food Items, and a Full Retail Shop.

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