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Ramard, Inc.

Ramard, Inc.
Contact: Jeff Ramey
Phone: (877) 635-5365
Email: jeff.ramey@ramardinc.com
Website: ramardinc.com

Health & Performance Products for Horses & Pets

Ramard Inc. is an American manufacturing company dedicated to the highest quality health and performance products for horses and pets since 2006.  Comprised of a dedicated team of Veterinarians, Trainers and Biochemists, Ramard Inc. has consistently produced the most powerful and effective products on the market today.  Our goal is to create and produce innovative, cutting edge products that are made with only the highest quality pharmaceutical-grade ingredients available, and are free of fillers and artificial ingredients.  Whether you are competing on the race track, the show ring, or just competing for the love and affection of your back yard friend, you can count on Ramard Inc. to deliver the quality products that you deserve, expect, and rely on.  Ramard Inc. products are carried by veterinarians and retailers around the world and used by many Olympic Equestrian Teams as well as Westminster Champions.

Ramard, it’s what winners use.