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Brooks Meats

Brooks Meats
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we care for our customers.

For 38 years, Brooks Meats has been a local butcher shop in Walton, Kentucky where people could come and get the best locally sourced and homemade products at the best price. Those same ideals and traditions are alive and well today, and carried on today by the Brooks Family. We are excited to announce our new location at Lexington’s Blue Grass Stockyards.

We hope to provide our customers with the freshest and safest meats available, and we look to grow our reputation as the best butcher shop in Northern Kentucky into the Lexington area!

We are honored to be a “Kentucky Proud” distributor,  meaning that, when available, we buy as much locally grown meat as possible, and use it in our wholesale and retail products! We are also a top pick for Paleo dieting!

We know that you want the very best for you and your family, so that is why we are still an old time butcher shop and deli that people love to visit. We still hand cut all of our steaks and can help you with any aspect of your purchase. We can suggest how to cook certain items, and even give helpful suggestions on what to cook for those special occasions.